Basic Info

Type: Student Headed
Founded: 1974
Genre: Cultural
Organizing Institute: Delhi Technological University 
(Formerly Delhi College Of Engineering)
Place: Delhi

Engifest is the annual cultural festival of Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering). Engifest is a four-day long cultural extravaganza held in the month of February.
It bridges the gap between technical education and creativity. It is a much needed wave of cultural activities, rich in diversity.

It is a symbol of achievement and pride and a true testimony to the indomitable spirit, liveliness and sheer energy of youth. It witnesses wide participation from various parts of the country.

It is one of the largest college cultural festivals of the country. It is a student-run non-profit organization which caters primarily for youth. Engifest includes to a variety of events, such as car stunts, cultural performances, live wire, star night, rock shows, plays, dances, drag shows and others.

 In the past Engifest has been attended by ParikramaEuphoria (Indian band), and artiste like Hard Kaur, Suraj Jagan, and Shibani Kashyap.

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